Lets Get Ready To Ramble

Hello, welcome!
First off, the justification for this public indulgence in self reflection is mainly in the hope that through it I might make some sense of the maze that has been coined the “quarter life crisis”. Though it may not be comparable in seriousness to life’s other crisis (economic, environmental, political etc) it is a very real crisis none the less and one which has and continues to be shared by many mid twenty-somethings around me who are currently experiencing it at varying degrees of awareness and stress.

In the words of queen Bey, I remember being young and so brave
I knew what I needed
I was spending all my nights and days laid back day dreaming. . . .

I really was and then one day I found myself wondering

Who am I? – What type of person am I, which traits of my character are a conscious construction of the type of person I want to be, what type of person do I even want to be?

What do I want? – what are my dreams, of the goals (career, personal, materialistic) I have which are my hearts true desire and which are things I want simply because they are the things I am suppose to want?

Who do I want? – What type of person am I looking for to accompany me on my journey through life? Is there such a thing as ‘true love’ and if there is, is that what I want? Would I not be better off going for a sensible choice of partner based on economic, social, cultural and geographical aspects that make up a “good match”?

I doubt whether or not these questions have answers that will quench this thirst for getting to know myself/my pursuit of happiness. However, I’m sure one day I will become too busy, tired, in-love (everything crossed for this one) or bogged down with life’s other problems to indulge these thoughts and so until then I want to indulge them, share them, ramble on and on about them, probably without quite reaching any real conclusion. Mostly I am looking forward to the stories, opinions and life advice of those willing to chime in with their two cents worth.

Get ready, get steady and ramble
Everybody ramble!

Not quite. . .


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