“So how come you turned out so different?”

“So how come you turned out so different?” was the questioned I was asked recently by a friend while I was telling her a story about my sister. In my 26 years of having her as my big sister, who is two years “bigger” than me, I have suddenly come to realize that if someone were to meet us both, and get to know us separately without knowing of our 26 year relationship, it seems likely they might never realise we are sisters. It was such a strange realization because from childhood to teenage hood our lives were close to inseparable, we shared a room, the same dorms at boarding school, the experience of migrating and adapting to an unknown country at a key stage of our development, in fact we were the same principally because I aspired to like her in every way. Somewhere along the way it seems that though we are said to sounds alike (our parents seems incapable of telling us apart on the phone) and laugh a like, the likenesses we share seem to be dwindling. While at 26, I remain a not quite grown woman in many, many ways, she has been married for five years and has two (adorable) children and a “career job”. While my wanderlust mean I am unable to fathom the idea of living in any one place for more than two years, the idea of travelling simply for the sake of it seems to baffle her. While we still thankfully share a close friendship I increasingly find myself asking so how DID we turn out so differently?!


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